We believe that everything that exists in this world is inscribed with the time period, history, and people's lives and memories of the "things" that existed in this world.
Human beings invented words to preserve their wisdom, experiences, lessons, and memories of their existence, invented letters, created books, invented printing technology to spread the word to many people, evolved paper not only for preservation but also for inexpensive mass production, and transmitted daily information in the form of newspapers.
I believe that it is meaningful to preserve memories of the past as "records" based on materials (printed media) from the time when the motifs existed, to "materialize" what had no form before, and to preserve memories that only existed as invisible things. I believe that it is meaningful to "materialize" things that had no form before, and to preserve memories that existed only as invisible things as "records.
By inscribing the surface with objects that existed at that time, we can express the atmosphere and reality of that era, and we believe that we can create an opportunity to think about that era and its events by not only using them as documentary materials but also by making the existence of those memories feel real.
This is a moment when we can leave a record for the future, and at the same time, we can catch a glimpse of the past in a new way.

Atsushi Adachi