Title:specimen series
Size: 1/144
Material: Newspaper (copy from 2013 to 2016), Kent board, transparent watercolor
Year: 2013〜2016
The form of the aircraft, its beauty as a functional beauty, and the appearance of its "moth", which some people dislike or say is ugly (compared to a beautiful butterfly), are used as a weapon called a "fighter" to effectively defeat the enemy. Ugly motives often created for the purpose of destroying or killing, but there is also detailed technology, functional beauty, and the developer's ``weapon'', but also as a childish, purely ``beautiful thing''. Desire is also swirling.
And that "infant desire" is the curiosity of a child, and rather than looking at things conceptually, they act based on their curiosity, and they intuitively understand the beauty of it and try to make it their own. do. Insect specimens not only complement the living memories of things within them, but also contain the records of the people who were involved in them.

機体のフォルム、機能美としての美しさと、その「蛾」という、人によっては嫌う、( 綺麗な蝶に比べ) 醜いと言われる様子、それが「戦闘機」という兵器として、敵をいかに効率よく破壊、殺すかという目的の為に作られた醜い動機、しかしそこには細の技術、機能美、そして開発者のの「兵器」としてだけでなく、幼く、純粋に「美しいモノ」としての欲望も渦巻いている。
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