Title: Р-7_Восток
Size: 500×140×140 mm
Material: Novel (De la Terre à la Lune, 1961, France), paper
Year: 2024
The material used is the work "De la Terre à la Lune" (From the Earth to the Moon) by French novelist Jules Verne.
The motif is one of the P-7 (R-7) rocket series developed by the former Soviet Union and currently in use to this day, as it appeared when operated in the "Vostok Project" that sent Major Yuri Gagarin into space. took shape.

サイズ:500×140×140 mm
素材:小説(De la Terre à la Lune、1961、フランス)、紙
素材はフランスの小説家、Jules  Verneの作品「De la Terre à la Lune(地球から月へ)」を使用。
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