Title: Memory〜ZERO〜
Size: 150×600×750 mm
Material: Historical materials, paper, paper board, watercolor
Year: 2011

Watching the flow of time, living in that time, the object was the era itself, and was the only existence that could fly through the era.
However, time cruelly thrusts upon it a sad fate, and its wings decay, disappearing into the darkness with the passage of time.
People looked at the times, lived their lives, shared their fate, and even though they were swept away by the waves of sadness, they tried to go against the flow.
The Zero Fighter is an aircraft that flew from the beginning of the last war until its end, and it is engraved with the memories of the entire war.
On one side, I used photos of peaceful people, where the aircraft had not yet been affected by the war, and as I moved to the other side, the aircraft was in tatters and the photos were also affected by the war, making it a tragic and sad scene. By turning it into a physical object, it expressed the appearance of an aircraft that witnessed and recorded the era.

サイズ:150×600×750 mm

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