Title: Memory〜KAITEN〜
Size: 180×800×75 mm
Material:Kaiten materials, paper, paper board, watercolor
Year : 2010
During the last war, many young people took to the battlefield, shouldering the burden of fighting caused by adults.
To the depths from which there is no way to return alive.
Spin the heavens and overturn the tide of war. That's how the special attack weapon was named "Kaiten"
It is a modified Type 93 Type 3 torpedo, 14.7m long, 1m in diameter, manned by a single person, and equipped with a 1.5t explosive charge at the tip, which charges into the target at 55km/h.
It is a "human torpedo" in which a human pilots the torpedo. The crew members were many young people.
We must remember the "historical facts" that are becoming history and stories. At the bottom of my memories, deep and quiet, there was definitely a life to live.

サイズ:180×800×75 mm
天を廻らし、戦局を覆す。そう名付けられた特攻兵器" 回天"
九三式三型魚雷を改造し全長14.7m、直径1m、一人乗りで先端に1.5t の炸薬を搭載し時速55km/h で標的に突入する。
人間が魚雷を操縦する" 人間魚雷" である。そして、その搭乗員は多くの若者たちであった。
その歴史、物語になりつつある" 史実" を、我々は記憶しなければならない。記憶の底、深く、静かな、そこには確かに生きる命があった。
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