Title: Flame dance
Size: 6000×5000×5000 mm
Material: Installation (newspaper, desk, Japanese typewriter, thread, net)
Year: 2016

``Hitogata'' refers to ``paper'' in the shape of a human. Without it, it's just paper.
However, once people's thoughts and ``memories'' reside in it, it becomes ``its own alter ego'' called ``Hitogata''.
The figure of ``Hitogata'' is the very figure of people who are at the mercy of the flow of time, and the figure of people who are unable to go against the flow of the group and suffer.
Manipulated like the Onmyo-do's ``Kanshi Seiheijutsu'', they fly up in a spiral according to the large ``power'' of the caster, and the appearance that sublimates when burned is similar to the appearance of memory (DNA).
Memory is to convey, and record is to leave behind.
All people have records, many of which are true and at the same time false, all of which become ``memories'' engraved on each piece of paper, and are handed down to the next generation without interruption.

サイズ:6000×5000×5000 mm

「ヒトガタ」とは、人の形をした” 紙” を言う。それは何もなければ” 紙” でしかない。
だが、一度人々の想い、” 記憶” が 宿ることにより「ヒトガタ」という” 自分の分身” となる。
陰陽道の「剪紙成兵術」の様に操られ、それらは術者、大きな” 力” に従い螺旋状に舞い上がり、お焚き上げにより昇華る姿は記憶(DNA) の姿にも類似する。
全ての人々に記録があり、その多くは事実であり、同時に虚偽でもあり、全てが一枚一枚に刻まれた” 記憶” となり、次の世代へと途切れることなく伝承されていく。
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