Title: December 28, 1946.
Size: 137×588×55mm
Material: Newspaper (19445-1946, Japan), paper
Year: 2024
The motif is the former Imperial Navy destroyer ``Yukikaze,'' which was disarmed after the war and had expanded living quarters to bring people who had been overseas back to Japan when it was a demobilization transport.
Materials used include multiple Asahi and Mainichi Shimbun newspapers from December 1945 to December 1945, when Yukikaze was modified as a demobilization transport ship and was active.
The title December 28, 1946 (December 28, 1946) is the date when Yukikaze's mission as a demobilization carrier ended.

タイトル:December 28, 1946.
素材:新聞(19445年〜1946年、 日本)、紙

タイトルのDecember 28, 1946.(昭和21年12月28日)は雪風の復員輸送艦任務の終了の日付である。
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