Title: Dec 7, 1941.
Size: 258×919×160mm
Material:Newspaper (December 8, 1941, Cleveland Press, USA)/Paper
Year: 2023
The material used is "Cleveland Press," which reported on the Japanese military's attack on Pearl Harbor and declaration of war on December 8, 1941.The motif is based on the last appearance of the USS Arizona, which sank with 1,177 soldiers during the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.(A newspaper reporting on the success of Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor was also used in parts of the ship that were attacked by the Japanese military.

タイトル:Dec 7, 1941.
素材:新聞(1941年12月8日、Cleveland Press、 アメリカ)・紙
素材は1941年12月8日に日本軍による真珠湾攻撃、宣戦布告を報道する「Cleveland Press」を使用。
モチーフは1941年12月7日の真珠湾攻撃で1,177名の兵士と共に沈没した「USS Arizona」の最後の姿をモチーフに制作。
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