Title: April 25, 1930.
Size: 243×825×110mm
Material: Newspaper (1930-1953, Japan), paper
Year: 2024
The motif is the cargo-passenger ship Hikawa Maru, which is still moored in Yokohama Yamashita Park, is a nationally important cultural property, and is preserved as a museum ship.
Materials used are Asahi, Mainichi, and many other newspapers from Hikawa Maru's completion on April 25, 1930 until its retirement on October 3, 1960.
The newspaper covers the starboard side from its completion on April 25, 1930 until 1940 before World War II, and the top deck from the start of the war in 1941, when it was commandeered by the Navy as a hospital ship, to the end of the war on August 15, 1945. The port side shows the period from the end of the war on August 16, 1945, to her service as a demobilization ship, her return as a passenger ship on domestic routes, her return to Europe, her return to Seattle, and her final voyage in 1960.
The title April 25, 1930 (April 25, 1930) is the date on which Hikawa Maru was completed.

タイトル:April 25, 1930.
素材:新聞(1930年〜1953年、 日本)、紙
タイトルのApril 25, 1930.(昭和5年4月25日)は、氷川丸が竣工(完成)した日付である。
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