Title: After the
Size: 80×270×120 mm
Material: Newspaper (1945-1946, Japan, copy) Japanese paper, paper board, paper
Year: 2016
After the war, most of the Imperial Army Type 97 Chi-Ha tanks that remained in Japan were dismantled, but some had their turrets and armaments removed, and were fitted with dozer kits for removing obstacles and converted into bulldozers. (Rehabilitated tanks) were produced in large numbers and used throughout the country, playing an active role in post-war reconstruction efforts. Among them, modified armored vehicles were deployed by the police in the name of maintaining public order, and were dispatched to the Toho dispute, etc. They were also dispatched to Tokyo during the heavy snowfall of 1949, and they were used for a long time in Hokkaido.
In addition, a crane truck made using the body of this vehicle was used at Yokohama Port from 1959 to 1960.

タイトル:After the
サイズ:80×270×120 mm
帝国陸軍九七式戦車「チハ」を、戦後、国内に残った車両は大部分が解体されたが、一部は砲塔や武装を撤去した後、障害物撤去用のドーザーキットを装着し、ブルドーザー(更生戦車)が相当数作られ全国で使用され戦後復興に活躍した。中でもその改造装甲車両が治安維持を名目に警察に配備され、東宝争議などに出動、東京都では1949 年の大雪の時にも出動している他、北海道では長く使用されていた。
その他、本車車体を利用して作られたクレーン車が1959 年から1960 年頃まで横浜港で使用されていた。
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