Title: 1947.7.1
Size: 200×930×100 mm
Material:Newspaper (1945-1960, Japan, copy) cardboard, Japanese paper, paper board, paper
Year: 2016
It was the first Aoba-class ship, and achieved such great results during the war that it was nicknamed ``Solomon's Wolf.''
However, it was severely damaged by an enemy ship's torpedo attack during the Battle of Leyte Gulf, and was scheduled to undergo full-scale repairs in Kure, but the damage was so great that there was no hope of repair, and it was left moored near the Kure Arsenal. Designated as the first reserve ship of the month, she later engaged in anti-aircraft combat as an air defense battery off the coast of Kure.
On July 24, she was hit by 1 hit and 1 close-range bullet, and on July 28, by 4 hits, her stern was nearly severed, and she listed to starboard and landed off the coast of Kure.
Aoba reached the end of the war, and was dismantled by Harima Shipbuilding in November 1946.

サイズ:200×930×100 mm
しかしレイテ沖海戦における敵艦の雷撃で大破、呉で本格的修理を行う予定であったが、あまりも大きすぎる損傷のために修理の見込みが立たず、呉工廠近くに繋留放置され、1945 年2月第1 予備艦に指定、その後呉沖にて防空砲台として対空戦闘を行う。
7 月24 日に命中弾1・至近弾1、7 月28 日に命中弾4 を受けて艦尾はほぼ切断状態となり、右舷に傾斜して呉沖に着底した。
青葉はそのまま終戦を迎え、1946 年11 月より播磨造船の手により解体された。

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