Title: 1947.5.1
Size: 100×880×150 mm
Material:Newspaper (1945-1960, Japan, copy) cardboard, Japanese paper, paper board, paper
Year: 2016
Hosho is the world's first completed ship that was originally designed as an aircraft carrier. After being completed in 1922, she served as Japan's first aircraft carrier during the founding period of the Japanese Imperial Navy Task Force, but by World War II, she had already become obsolete and participated in the Battle of Midway (but did not participate in the battle). Although the extension of the flight deck made it possible to transport new aircraft, it became difficult to go out to the open sea, so it was used as a training aircraft carrier in nearby waters.
After the end of the war, the extended front flight deck was removed and the ship was used as a demobilization carrier, making nine round trips between the inland and the south until August 1946, transporting approximately 40,000 soldiers and civilians.
It was then dismantled at the Hitachi Zosen Chikko Works between August 31, 1946 and May 1, 1947.

サイズ:100×880×150 mm
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